Frequent Asked Questions

How is Heura® produced?

From the soy beans we obtain a concentrate of soy protein and, when mixed with filtered water, generates a mass. This resulting mass is refined through a food extrusion process in which, by changes of pressure and temperature, we create the structure of Heura®. This technique is the same one used in making foods such as cookies, cereals or pasta. Once we get the Heura® structure, it is marinated with spices to get either the original or spiced varieties.

Does Heura® contain gluten?

Not a little bit of gluten! Heura® products do not contain gluten and we have made sure that there can be no contamination in our production process. Heura® is definitely suitable for those with Celiac disease.

Is Heura® recommended for casseroles, soups, and stews?

Totally! We recommend Heura® in any dish you can imagine. Of course, in the case of casseroles, soups and stews, add Heura® as the last ingredient only after it is cooked. If it is stewed for a long period, Heura® might get soggy.

What allergens does Heura® have?

The only allergen containing Heura® is soy. If you are allergic to soy, we want you to know that Foods For Tomorrow is working to create other products as incredible as Heura®  that you can enjoy too.

Is Heura® good for me?

We are proud of the nutritional values: high in protein, fibre, iron and vitamin B12. It is also a source of magnesium, potassium, and zinc. In addition, it has a very low saturated fat content, and being 100% vegetable, it has no cholesterol. We are very happy that various nutritionists have told us that it is one of the most complete ingredients they have ever seen.

Are there GMO ingredients in Heura®?

None, our soy is not genetically modified and we make sure it is so by our traceability policy.

Although there are no conclusive studies demonstrating negative effects of GMOs on health, in Foods for Tomorrow we are concerned about the consequences of market domination by few multinationals. In Foods for Tomorrow we work for a free and open food system.

Is Heura® suitable for vegans?

Yes! And for anyone. All Heura®  products are 100% vegetable, and for us, this is a matter of principles. Heura® is highly recommended for those who are vegan and vegetarian as it contains high value proteins, with all essential amino acids, and it is very rich in lysine, the most difficult amino acid to find for those on a 100% vegetable diet. In addition, Heura®  has a high content of vitamin B12 and a high absorption index of iron since it is in a form called ferritin. We like the food that bind us so that Heura®  is a vegan product, perfect for flexitarian diets and if you feel like it can also be a meat substitute. Heura will be what you want it to be in each of your recipes.

Does Heura® contain preservatives, colorants, or E-codes?

Nope! Heura®  is a “clean label” by conviction. What you read on the contents declared in our packagings is exactly what we use to produce it. We like simplicity and transparency!

Is soy harmful to the environment or to my health?

We believe that soy is the perfect vegetable from which to create our products since it is almost unbeatable from a nutritional standpoint. It has high contents of protein, fibre, and iron. It has almost non-existent saturated fats and its high content of essential amino acids, vitamins, isoflavones and minerals make it a very complete food. Also, soy is a food with a great satiating power that produces a light and lasting sensation.

In addition, the soybean with which we prepare the Heura®  products comes from crops that discourage deforestation.

Is Heura® recommended for people with health problems?

Cholesterol and cancer: Heura®, being made of soy, can help reduce levels of LDL cholesterol. In addition, consuming soybeans on a regular basis could reduce the risk of having prostate and breast cancer. Likewise, the fatty acid profile of Heura® makes it good for the heart since its saturated content is very low while its polyunsaturated fat is found in high amounts.

It s a protein food that, unlike products made with animal protein, has a high percentage of fibre. This means that, accompanied by a good water supply, it can help those with intestinal problems. Being low in fats, along with a balanced diet, it can help consumers maintain a healthy weight.

It contains isoflavones which can help reduce both frequency and severity of hot flashes caused by menopause.

It contains no added sugars and is very low in simple sugars. This makes it suitable for people with diabetes since it practically does not increase the glucose level in blood. In addition, its high fibre content can improve insulin sensitivity.

Many call Heura® a “superfood”, but we do not believe in miraculous foods. The person who will best help you plan your diet well according to your needs will always be a dietitian or a nutritionist. In any case, we assume that you will now share the astonishment of the nutritionists who know Heura®.

Why is Heura® the new generation of plant proteins?

Specifically it is the third generation of vegetable proteins: First, the products were created fermented, such as tofu and tempeh, followed by textured vegetable proteins-dry-extruded, which require binders to create different structures. The new one – the extruded foods with cooking – have a more fibrous texture and are composed of whole structures, making it possible to read the ingredients in five-seconds because they require no emulsifiers or other additives to bind the product.

The products Heura® have an irregular texture, so each “bite” is unique – maybe some that are more thin or thick, fibrous or syrupy, harder or softer – that is why we say we bring a new dimension to textures of plant proteins

Is Heura® advisable for athletes?

All the Heura® references are high in protein and therefore are very suitable for the formation of muscle. It also has a lot of iron and is a good source of phosphorus and magnesium – minerals that are very important during exercise. A new ally for sport addicts!

Does Heura contain B12?

The protein Heura® is rich in vitamin B12 like all those that feed us plant sources. Vitamin B12 is introduced during the marinating process making sure that the vitamin is distributed evenly and that every bite supplies this nutrient contributing to our well-being. 75 grams of Heura® 1,87mcg contains vitamin B12, representing 75% of the recommended daily amount. In the case of vegetarians and vegans, daily consumption is recommended at 3mcg.

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