Legumes with

nutritional values,

and values.

At Foods For Tomorrow, we are committed to food that is sumptuous, easy to cook, sustainable, and nutritious. This is Heura®, a new product based on vegetable proteins with a unique texture and composition. Discover a revolutionary way to eat legumes!


Get ready for a succulent gastronomic experience of fibrous and tender textures, and delicious marinated options; Original or Spiced.


Heura® opens the door to a universe of infinite recipes. In addition, it is extremely easy to cook: you can grill it, stir-fry, bake it or fry it in a pan.


Heura® contains 2 times more protein than one egg, 4 times more iron than one serving of spinaches, and has 6 times more fibre than tofu.

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Good food

Good mood

Good food

Good mood

Good food

Good mood

We believe in food that can empower us and, at the same time, make us smile. We want to turn every meal into a celebration, and that you enjoy Heura® so much that you want to share it with others. We are proud of our mediterranean values ​​and optimism.

Our way of promoting better food is to make them irresistible.

We love food that bind us, so Heura® is suitable for vegans, those with Celiac disease, those who are busy and also the lovers of good food.


Foods For Tomorrow is a Barcelona start-up founded by Marc Coloma, who comes from a background of social, environmental and animal rights-related activism. Faced with the problems of the current food system, he decided to work on providing sustainable, nutritious, and delicious food, together with a team of experts and dreamers.

“We are nonconformists by nature. We are firm believers that the future lies in our hands and we are inspired by revolutionary minds who question the status quo and move our society a step forward. This is the spirit behind the creation of Heura® and this compels us to continue creating revolutionary food.”

Marc Coloma / Director & Founder of Foods for Tomorrow.

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